DVC Members commonly bank their points to the next Use Year if they are unable to use them. This page explains how to list these points correctly on BipBop.

Step 1: Open the Listing

You can either create a brand new listing for your banked points or you can add to an existing listing.

Create From Scratch

  1. Browse to the My Listings page
  2. Select "+ Resort or Use Year"
  3. Select your Resort and Contract Month

Add to an Existing Listing

  1. Browse to your My Listings page
  2. Select the listing you wish to update

Step 2: Add the Banked Points

  1. Open the listing as explained in the prior step
  2. Go to the box "Banked from YYYY" where YYYY is the year you banked the points from.
  3. Enter the points and select the Save button
  4. That's it! Optionally, review the detailed estimate to understand when your points expire.

The following screen capture demonstrates listing 50 points that were banked from 2017.

The following screen capture shows the detailed estimate for the 50 banked points. Note the expiry: the points were banked from 2017 so expire at the end of the 2018 Use Year. Since the Contract Month is May this means the banked points expire Apr 31 2019.

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