What are Distressed Points?

BipBop considers these types of points as distressed:

  • Points expiring in the next 3 months
  • Points in a holding account

Points that have missed their banking cut-off will expire in 4 months so will not immediately be treated as distressed. Once these points have only 3 months remaining they will be treated as distressed.

What Does BipBop Do With Distressed Points?

BipBop tries to rent distressed points as soon as possible. We do this in two ways:

  • Distressed points are offered to renters ahead of other types of points
  • Distressed points will be more aggressively discounted if a renter cannot be found

Do I Have Distressed Points?

You can check if your points are distressed by viewing My Listings.

  1. Open My Listings
  2. Select "View" on a contract
  3. Select "Detail" under estimate
  4. Look for the DISTRESSED (red) and EXCLUSIVE (green) badges next to each category.

The screen capture below shows distressed points due to expiry, and distressed points due to the use of a holding account.

How Can I Avoid Having Distressed Points?

Here are two strategies to avoid having distressed points

List All Your Points On BipBop

Ok we admit this one is a bit self-serving, but it's true. If you put all your points on BipBop, even for future years, then you won't be caught by surprise by expiring points.

BipBop will send you a weekly reminder on your points status and will also send you offers for rentals for the entire life of your contract. You can always reject any matches if they don't fit your travel plans.

Check DvcMember.com Often

It's critical that every DVC Member reviews their account status on the Disney website every few months. This allows you to keep on top of points expiry and also allows you to monitor maintenance payments as well.

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