Payout Options

You have two options when getting paid for bookings:

  • 80% advance on booking with the remaining 20% paid on check-in
  • 100% paid on check-in with a 5% bonus

How To Choose

You choose between the two options when you accept a match with a renter. It's listed under "Speed" in the "Payout" section. The system will let you know the dates when the payouts will be sent.

ID Verification

To prevent fraud we require that you submit your government ID if you choose to be paid the 80% advance. This is quick and easy: just email a photo of your ID (front & back) to

There is no need for ID Verification if you choose to be paid entirely on check-in. You still get the 5% bonus too!

5% Bonus

If you choose to get 100% paid on check-in then we’ll send you a 5% cash bonus. So, for example, if it was a $2,000 rental we’ll send you an extra $100!

The bonus will be paid in the same transaction as the rental payment. 

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