One of the key features of BipBop is that we adjust our prices automatically based on demand, meaning that if you have in-demand points then you get more $$ in your bank account.

The system tracks how often renters are booking some resorts and how far in advance. It then tailors the offered price on future searches in the Search Tool.

How Much Will My Points Sell For?

We only know the real price for your points when a renter actually books. When this happens we'll send you match information including the real price.

We're confident you'll love the price, but you can always decline the match if the price is too low (or your points are no longer available).


The system gives you two options for estimating the points.

Simple Estimates

Browse to the Owner Intro page and use the calculator there to get a simple dollar estimate for your points.

Detailed Estimates

You can use the My Listings page to get a more detailed estimate.

  1. Browse to My Listings
  2. Choose an existing listing or add a new one
  3. Locate the estimate alert at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click detail to see the expanded estimate

The tool will tell you whether you're points are Distressed, Standard or Exclusive. It also advises the current booking range the points can be use for.

  • Distressed: Points are expiring in less than 3 months! We need to get these rented ASAP
  • Standard: Points are expiring in less than 7 months. This means they can't be used for the exclusive 7-11 month booking window.
  • Exclusive: This is the best type! These points can be used in the exclusive 7-11 booking window at the home resort

The tool also advises on the potential for cash bonuses. See our Cash Bonuses article for more information on this topic.

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